Renuka Nambiar Ravindran

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About Renuka

Renuka Nambiar is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, philanthropist and environmentalist who is the chairperson of three companies in Bahrain. With a bachelor’s degree in business management, Renuka has been instrumental in founding Stardust Co. WLL, StarGaze Events WLL, La Bonn Vie and Auriga Ideas & Insights WLL. She has worked fastidiously to make all three companies profitable and successful.

She is the President of the Rotary Club of Manama (RCM) and a director on the board of the Entrepreneurs Organisation – EO Bahrain Chapter. She is well known for her philanthropic work and is always striving to uplift the less privileged.

Social Responsibilities

Renuka has always believed in giving back to the community. In Bahrain, Renuka funds organisations for children with special needs. She also helps Bahraini charity organisations through the Rotary Club of Manama(RCM). She has been on the board of RCM as a director of vocational services, club services, international services, treasurer, secretary and now as the incoming president.

RR Foundation is a registered charity organisation in India funded only by Renuka to help underprivileged girls to continue their education in universities.

Her Story

Renuka grew up as the youngest of three children, the apple of her parent’s eyes. She did her schooling in Mangalore and her graduation while living in Manipal, a picturesque university town in South India. She came to Bahrain in 1995 to work for BMMI. After a 7-year stint there she formed her first company in 2002. The concept of 100% foreign ownership was new in Bahrain then.

After some struggle she saw the light of day on August 17th 2002 when Stardust Co. WLL was incorporated. Born with a mathematical and business mind it did not take long for her to reach the height of success .

Two other companies followed suit. Her self-belief and her vision of proving that a woman is just as capable of succeeding in any environment was realised.

Her Interests

Besides being an entrepreneur and businesswoman, Renuka is passionate about the environment. She has created a web-based application called dZara to encourage the planting of trees to help bolster Bahrain’s reputation as the land of a million palms. She is also involved in providing aid to children with special needs and to underprivileged youth. She has set up a registered charitable foundation in India.

Her Mantras

  • Thought creates – think big and make it happen
  • Everything in life is a choice – choose wisely
  • Strive to deliver beyond expectation
  • There is no such thing as impossible
  • Business is all head – relationship is all heart


Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
+973 3676 6499
Tel: +973 1721 2230